All about my water

Is there chlorine in my water?

Animas Water Company adds the minimal amount sodium hypochlorite to its water system to meet the State of Colorado minimum requirements. Adding a simple whole house carbon filter will remove the chlorine.

Does the AWC fluoridate its water?

Animas Water Company does not add Flouride to its water.  Please review our Consumer Confidence Report for our Annual water testing report.. There is a barely detectible amount of Fluoride in the water is from naturally eroding deposits.

What about the Hardness?

San Juan Basin Health Letter – Drinking Water Hardness and Your Health    AWC water is moderately hard between 14 and 21 grains. This hardness is naturally occurring Calcium and Magnesium, essential minerals for human health, and it is safe to drink. Talk to your plumber about managing for hardness in the plumbing in your home. Keep the rinse agent dispenser in your dishwasher filled and add a teaspoon of “Lemi Shine” (powdered citric acid) to your detergent every load and the glasses will sparkle. Follow the directions for cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar and soak shower heads and faucet heads in vinegar a couple times per year.

Water Leaks

What if I think I have a leak?

Please contact our office.  We will dispatch a water operator to your property to obtain a meter reading to determine if there is an increase in your use.  Our water operator will also look at the dial on the meter to see if it is spinning which may be an indication of a leak.  Depending on our findings, we may suggest you contact your plumber.  **In the event your plumber needs the water shut off at the meter, have them contact our office. Let them know they should NOT be turning the meter off and on themselves.

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